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Bespoke (tailored) third-party Security Risk Assessment services in the following areas:

  • Personal Security & Executive Protection (VIP)
  • Training
  • International Hospitality and Resorts
  • Private Residential Compounds
  • Oil & Gas Infrastructure – Onshore and Offshore (API 780 method)

The objective of our risk assessments, whether they are “micro” assessments for personal security and executive protection clients or more robust physical security assessments encompassing infrastructure facilities or sprawling iconic resorts and hotels, is to lay the groundwork for cost effective and efficient security master plans. Our assessments methodically guide the collection, selection and evaluation of data in order to make sense of often-complex and vexing situations and issues. At the end of the process, when the proverbial wheat is separated from the chaff, the client has a product that highlights what is relevant and necessary in justifying, and investing resources towards a program.

All of our assessments are compliant with the ISO 31000 Standard for risk management. Our assessments in the area of critical infrastructure, and oil and gas follow the American Petroleum Institute (API) 780/2013 Assessment Methodology.

 The Seven-Star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
Image 1 - The Seven-Star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) [photo by Charles Goslin)

Personal Security & Executive Protection (VIP)

Our engagement with clients for Personal Safety and Security assessments and planning are above all discreet and very confidential. It has been our experience that individuals requiring these services already have concerns about their safety or that of their family members. Alternatively, we have worked with individuals whose public profile inevitably attracts issues of security and safety. In all cases, client confidentiality is paramount. We develop security plans that are tailored specifically to the client's lifestyle and takes into account close family members or others within one's trusted circle.

Our experience spans decades and includes developing security and safety planning and execution blueprints for heads-of-state, their senior staff and entourage, high profile foreign political leaders under active threat, and high net worth individuals with ongoing security concerns about themselves and their family. Assessments are intelligence-driven, and solution planning is tied directly to specifically identified threats, vulnerabilities and assessed risk levels.

In addition to Safety and Security assessment and planning, we believe education in this area of security is crucial. We offer courses that range from half-day awareness training in safety and security while traveling or in daily life, as well as an extensive two-day course that covers every aspect of personal safety and security. Additional tactical training to supplement the core Safety and Security course is available on request.



Personal Security and Safety for Travelers is a full-spectrum security and safety awareness course about how to remain safe while traveling abroad. It is highly recommended for Corporate Security or Safety officers who are responsible for providing travel security and safety awareness briefings to employees who travel for business. It is equally useful for professional businesspersons who do not have a corporate security staff, university exchange students, expatriate contractors, government diplomats, NGO workers, journalists, or tourists. The emphasis of this course is to educate and heighten security and safety awareness for travelers who must travel in an increasingly insecure global environment. This course gives one the tools required to keep themselves or those for whom they are responsible alive and well. For example, it is extremely useful for those who might find themselves in the following predicaments, among others:

  • A job assignment in a high-risk location at short notice, where one must live and work in an environment that is unfamiliar, dangerous, and unforgiving of mistakes. 
  • A business trip with little, or no notice into an unknown environment, where there is no contact on the receiving end and little or no information about security circumstances on the ground. 
  • A situation where one’s peaceful and “safe” environment is suddenly turned upside down by a severe weather event, political upheaval and violence, crime or terrorism and the associated public fallout.
  • International travel requirement where the traveler and/or the team is inexperienced in foreign travel, or uncomfortable with the unknowns involved in international business trips. 
  • A cultural shift in terms of geographic location and people, from what is familiar to a milieu that is completely foreign. 
Training about Personal Security and Safety for Travelers

International Hospitality and Conference Facilities

We are experienced in risk assessment and security programs and planning for some of the world’s most luxurious and iconic hotels, resort complexes, and conference facilities. Our engagements take into careful consideration the fine balance between maintaining an open and welcoming environment for guests, while at the same time achieving the assurance of effective but discreet security. We understand the guests at these International and U.S. locations require security and safety for themselves, their families and staff. To the extent security is well-planned and designed as a seamless part of operations at the facility, it can augment reputation of the hotel, resort or conference facility without detracting from its ambience.

Kempinski Palace hotel - Mosque on the Bosphorous
Image 2 - [left] Kempinski Palace hotel [right] Mosque on the Bosphorous
 The Seven-Star Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) 
Image 11 - A ghostly buoy in channel between Sir Bani Yas Island and UAE mainland shows how dangerous heavy fog can be for shipping [photo by Charles Goslin)

Private Residential Compounds

Private residential compounds, whether for a country’s most senior leadership or head-of-state, diplomatic personnel, celebrity or private VIPs, require attention to detail when it comes to the balance between quality of life within the walls of the residence and surrounding grounds, and effective security. Our engagements keep this balance in mind when working closely with residents and staff to ensure an assessment that accurately identifies relevant risks, and solutions that are flexible and enhance the safety of residents and guests. We have experience in providing assessments and planning for head-of-state compounds, ceremonial (representational) compounds, and mixed-use residential compounds within resort settings.

Enjoying a traditional Arab "Mansef" of "hammour", a delicious fish caught in the Arab Gulf. [photo by Charles Goslin}
Image 12 - Enjoying a traditional Arab "Mansef" of "hammour", a delicious fish caught in the Arab Gulf [photo by Charles Goslin]
Touring Sir Bani Yas Island and its entire infrastructure with UAE authorities.
Image 13 - Touring Sir Bani Yas Island and its entire infrastructure with UAE authorities
Sunset over the northwestern side of Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE
Image 14 - Sunset over the northwestern side of Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE
At Abu Attifel field in Sirte Basin, Libya
Image 15 - At Abu Attifel field in Sirte Basin, Libya [photo by Charles Goslin)

Oil and Gas Infrastructure – Onshore and Offshore

Whether our Risk Assessment and Security Master planning is for a current or a planned (greenfield) location, we ensure are compliant with the American Petroleum Institute (API) 780/2013 Assessment Methodology. We work closely with the client to craft a process that ensures that risk is assessed both for external threat and vulnerability, as well as risk within the facility itself. We carefully weigh assets and impact of loss, relevant threats, vulnerabilities and current risk. Identified countermeasures are prioritized and applied, and risk is reassessed to provide a clear picture of return-on-investment (ROI).

We have experience assessing oil and gas infrastructure risks throughout North Africa (Libya) and the Middle East, both onshore and offshore. Our assessments include a Cyber Security Assessment of Information Security (INFOSEC) measures and procedures.

On DP4, the largest oil and gas rig in the Meditteranean
Image 16 - On DP4, the largest oil and gas rig in the Meditteranean [photo by Charles Goslin)

U.S. Government Facilities Abroad

In addition to our more recent security risk assessments, we have in the past conducted comprehensive security risk assessments at U.S. Diplomatic Facilities abroad including U.S. Embassy London, U.S. Embassy Paris, U.S. NATO Headquarters, U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires, U.S. Embassy Guatemala, U.S. Embassy Dublin, U.S. Embassy Brussels and U.S. Embassy to the European Union, U.S. Embassy Malta, U.S. Embassy Mexico City, and associated consulates in the country.